Author: rene

Foam Bites

Soft, tasteless polyethylene foam, a comfortable bite surface for edentulous patients during OPG x-ray exams. Radio transparent and 100% latex-free. Foam Bites are packed by 200 pcs (5 x frame of 40 pcs) per pack and can be customized to fit your unique OPG machine.

vinyl OPG head support strip

To secure and stabilizing patiënts in OPG x-ray picture procedure. Our vinyl head support strips (headstrap) can be customized to fit your unique panoramic machine.

sensor sleeve

  DuPhaMed sensor sleeves are strong, soft and comfortable.  Suitable for almost all sensors #1 and # 2. Customization is possible, contact us for more information! sleeve product information #1:     suitable for digital sensors 20×30 #2:     suitable for digital sensors 30×40              

sensor basket

  Protect your valuable sensor against damage with the DuPhaMed sensor basket. The sensor basket is available in different colours and fits most digital sensors  #1 and #2 Contact us to discuss if our sensor baskets fits your product portfolio!